How does the DHC fit within the existing network of existing incubators/accelerators?

The founders of the DHC wanted to create an organization designed to service those companies hoping to collaborate on the development of IoT and digital health products–with an emphasis on the production of the physical products that combine both software and or electronics. Our goal was to augment existing organizations with a facility that can offer the advice and technologies necessary to create their digital product or service. 

What services/resources will the DHC offer?

Unlike these other organizations, which have a greater focus on entrepreneurial start-ups and offer entrepreneurial training/mentoring programs, our focus will be directed towards building technology skills, hardware prototyping and IoT networking. For the moment, as a very young organization we will try to address the narrow areas of expertise and resources the current Oregon ecosystem lacks. We will try to leverage our access to meeting space and parking provide a venue for guest lecturers and technologists (Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, etc.) to host seminars and small events for the broader technology industry.

How will you partner with other organizations?

The DHC will actively partner with other trade associations, incubators and professional organizations. Based on negotiated partnerships, our intention is to offer preferred access to collaborator members and tenants at partner organizations on a reciprocal basis. Where possible, we will also partner when hosting industry networking and educational events.

Why locate the DHC in Beaverton?

The Beaverton location offers many advantages for the DHC and the companies focused on building digital health and IoT products. These include:

  1. Pro-active support from Beaverton city government to secure leasable space
  2. Convenient access to bioscience and medical device industry expertise.
  3. Westside location offers access to large digitally literate workforce
  4. Proximity to MAX light rail station
  5. Free and accessible parking for tenants and guests

Will the DHC be focused only on helping digital health companies?

From a tenant perspective, the focus is on attracting companies that can effectively collaborate, add a specific technical expertise and drive awareness of the IoT and digital health industries. However, digital health is beginning to overlap into other product categories. It is very likely that digital scientists from non-traditional technology companies NIKE, Columbia Sportswear, and other non-tradition markets will contribute their expertise and provide totally new perspectives to trigger innovation.

How will non-tenant companies gain access to the DHC?

The goal of the collaborative is to service its tenants, benefactors/sponsors, affiliated companies and the larger community. Given our limited resources, the DHC will try to be focused and strategic in how we manage access to the facility. Through partner organizations, volunteers and a future staff, we hope to extend the open hours of the facility to include some evenings and Saturdays. Our goal is to make sure ideas can progress unrestrained and that entrepreneurs, students and partners can have access to resources and equipment to build and test their innovations.

How will the DHC be staffed and funded?

Initially the DHC will solicit donations from sponsoring companies to equip and fund the basic operations of the DHC. In keeping with its basic mission, the DHC will target private sources of capital where their business goals align with the basic mission of the DHC. The DHC will be managed by the tenant companies and a Board of Directors to serve a broader audience. Ultimately, the DHC will grow in direct proportion to value and demand it stimulates within the digital community and industry partners.

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